C++ Standard Library


C++ standard library can be divided into two parts:

  • Standard Function Library: This library is composed of generic, independent functions that do not belong to any class. The function library inherits from the C language.
  • Object-Oriented Class Library: This library is a collection of classes and their associated functions.

The C++ Standard Library contains all of the C standard libraries, and some additions and modifications have been made to support type safety.

Standard function library

The standard function library is divided into the following categories:

  • Input/Output I/O
  • String and character processing
  • Mathematics
  • Time, date, and localization
  • Dynamic allocation
  • Other
  • wide character function

Object-Oriented Class Library

The standard C++ object-oriented class library defines a number of classes that support some common operations, such as input/output I/O, string handling, and numeric processing. The object-oriented class library contains the following:

  • Standard C++ I/O classes
  • String class
  • Value class
  • STL container class
  • STL algorithm
  • STL function object
  • STL iterator
  • STL Dispenser
  • Localization Library
  • Exception handling class
  • Miscellaneous Support Library