AppML Models

An AppML model describes an application.

What Is an AppML Model?

An AppML model is a JavaScript object (JSON) describing an application.

This small model describes a full application for retrieving data from a database:

"database" : {
    "connection" : "localmysql",
    "sql" : "SELECT * FROM Customers"}

What Can an AppML Model Do?

With an AppML model you can:

  • Define connections to databases like MySQL, SQL Server, Access, and Oracle.
  • Define connections to data files like JSON, XML, and other text files.
  • Define SQL statements for retrieving data.
  • Define filter and sorting restrictions.
  • Define data types, data formats, and update restrictions.
  • Define application security, users, and user groups.


To allow users to filter data (search ,sort), you can add filter information to the model:


"filteritems" : [
    {"item" : "CustomerName", "label" : "Customer"},
    {"item" : "City"},
    {"item" : "Country"}

To allow users to update data, you can add update information to the model: 


"updateItems" : [
    {"item" : "CustomerName"},
    {"item" : "Address"},
    {"item" : "PostalCode"},
    {"item" : "City"},
    {"item" : "Country"}

Without a Model

The applications you have seen earlier in this tutorial, did not use any models.