What We Will Build

We will fabricate an Internet application that underpins including, altering, erasing, what's more, posting of data put away in a database.

What We Will Do

Visual Web Developer offers diverse layouts for building web applications.

We will utilize Visual Web Developer to make a void MVC Internet application with HTML5 markup.

When the vacant Internet application is made, we will continuously add code to the application until it is completely wrapped up. We will utilize C# as the programming language, and the freshest Razor server code markup.

Along the manner in which we will clarify the substance, the code, and every one of the segments of the application.

Creating the Web Application

If you have Visual Web Developer introduced, begin Visual Web Developer and select New Project. Generally simply read and learn.

New Project

In the New Project exchange box:

  • Open the Visual C# templates
  • Select the layout ASP.NET MVC 3 Web Application
  • Set the task name to MvcDemo
  • Set the circle area to something like c:\welookups_demo
  • Click OK

When the New Project Dialog Box opens:

  • Select the Internet Application template
  • Select the Razor Engine
  • Select HTML5 Markup
  • Click OK

Visual Studio Express will make an undertaking much like this:

Mvc Explorer 

We will investigate the substance of the documents and organizers in the following section of this tutorial.