ASP.NET MVC - Application Folders

To learn ASP.NET MVC, we are Building an Internet application

Part II: Exploring the Application Folders

MVC Folders

A average ASP.NET MVC web application has the accompanying organizer content:


Application information


Application folders

App_Data Folder
Content Folder
Controllers Folder
Models Folder
Contents Folder
Perspectives Folder

Configuration files


The organizer names are equivalent in all MVC applications. The MVC system depends on default naming. Controllers are in the Controllers envelope, Views are in the Views envelope, and Models are in the Models organizer. You don't need to utilize the envelope names in your application code.

Standard naming lessens the measure of code, and makes it less demanding for engineers to comprehend MVC projects.

Below is a concise synopsis of the substance of every envelope:

The App_Data Folder

The App_Data envelope is for putting away application information.

We will include a SQL database to the App_Data envelope, later in this tutorial.

The Content Folder

The Content envelope is utilized for static records like templates (css records), symbols and images.

Visual Web Developer consequently includes a themes envelope to the Content envelope. The topics envelope is loaded up with jQuery styles and pictures. In this venture you can erase the topics folder.

Visual Web Developer additionally includes a standard template record to the undertaking: the record Site.css in the substance organizer. The template document is the record to alter when you need to change the style of the application.

We will alter the template record (Site.css) document in the following part of this tutorial.

The Controllers Folder

The Controllers envelope contains the controller classes in charge of dealing with client input also, responses.

MVC requires the name of all controller documents to finish with "Controller".

Visual Web Developer has made a Home controller (for the Home and the About page) what's more, an Account controller (for Login pages):

We will make more controllers later in this tutorial.

The Models Folder

The Models envelope contains the classes that speak to the application models. Models hold and control application data.

We will make models (classes) in a later part of this tutorial.

The Views Folder

The Views envelope stores the HTML documents identified with the presentation of the application (the UIs).

The Views organizer contains one envelope for each controller. 

Visual Web Developer has made an Account organizer, a Home envelope, and a Shared organizer (inside the Views folder).

The Account organizer contains pages for enlisting and signing in to client accounts.

The Home envelope is utilized for putting away application pages like the landing page and the about page.

The Shared envelope is utilized to store sees shared between controllers (ace pages and design pages).


We will alter the design documents in the following section of this tutorial.

The Scripts Folder

The Scripts envelope stores the JavaScript documents of the application.

By default Visual Web Developer fills this envelope with standard MVC, Ajax, what's more, jQuery files:

Note: The records named "modernizr" are JavaScript documents utilized for supporting HTML5 and CSS3 includes in the application.