EmberJS Installation

Ash CLI ought to be introduced and prepared for use on Epicodus PCs. The accompanying guidelines are intended for establishment and arrangement all alone close to home machine.

To introduce Ember CLI, you need the accompanying conditions −

To introduce Ember CLI on your own gadget, you will initially need to install:

  • Node.js
  • Bower
  • Watchman
  • Git − It is an open source rendition control framework for following the progressions made in the documents. For more data, check the official site of git. Coal utilizes Git to deal with its conditions. Node.js and npm − Node.js is an open source, utilized for creating server side and systems administration applications. Ash CLI utilizes Node.js run time and npm to get the conditions. Bower − It is utilized for dealing with the parts, for example, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, picture documents and so on and can be introduced by utilizing the npm.

  • Watchman − This discretionary reliance can be utilized to watch the documents or indexes and execute a few activities when they change.

  • PhantomJS − This discretionary reliance can be utilized for running program based unit tests to associate with web page.

    Installing Ember CLI


    On Windows or Linux frameworks, download and introduce Node.js from the Node Website,

    After introducing, affirm you approach node and npm (hub bundle supervisor, introduced naturally with Node) directions, and the right forms by checking the adaptations through the order line, as observed beneath. Node ought to ought to be 4.0.x or higher, npm ought to be 3.6.x or higher:

    $ hub -v 
    $ npm -v 

    Then, in your home registry, introduce bower utilizing npm:

    $ npm introduce -g bower

    Finally, introduce ember-cli utilizing npm:

    $ npm introduce -g ember-cli

    You can test that Ember is effectively introduced by making an unfilled test project:

    $ ash new project-name

    The new order will consequently create a task with the required Ember documents and registries. Explore to the best dimension of this venture in the direction line:

    $ cd project-name

    And endeavor to dispatch the Ember server:

    $ coal server

    Navigate to localhost:4200 in your program. You ought to be welcomed by an appreciated page.