EmberJS Object Model

In Ember.js, all articles are gotten from the Ember.Object. Item situated examination and plan system is called object modeling. The Ember.Object underpins highlights, for example, mixins and constructor techniques by utilizing the class framework.

The following table records down the diverse sorts of article display in Ember.js alongside their portrayal −

S.No. Types & Description
1 Classes and Instances

Class is a format or blue print, that has a gathering of factors and capacities, though occasions are identified with the object of that class. You can make new Ember class by utilizing the Ember.Object's extend() method.

2 Reopening Classes and Instances

This is only refreshing the class usage without reclassifying it.

3 Computed Properties

A figured property pronounces works as properties and Ember.js consequently calls the processed properties when required and consolidates at least one properties in one variable.

4 Computed Properties and Aggregate Data

The figured property gets to all things in an exhibit to decide its value.

5 Observers

The onlooker watches the property, for example, registered properties and updates the content of the figured property.

6 Bindings

The restricting is an amazing component of Ember.js which makes a connection between two properties and in the event that one of the properties gets changed, the other one is refreshed automatically.