EmberJS Overview

Ember.js is an open source, free JavaScript customer side system utilized for creating web applications.

The unique name of Ember.js was SproutCore MVC system.

Initially made as SproutCore in 2007 by Yehuda Katz, obtained by Facebook and renamed to EmberJS in 2011

Why Ember.js?

There are following focuses to comprehend the utilization of Ember.js −

Ember.js is an open source JavaScript system under MIT license.

  • It gives the new restricting sentence structure utilizing the HTMLBars format motor which is a superset of the Handerlbars templating engine.

  • It gives the Glimmer rendering engine to build the rendering speed.

  • It gives the Command Line Interface utility that coordinates Ember designs into advancement process and spotlights effectively on the engineer productivity.

    Features of Ember.js

  • Ember.js has HTML and CSS at the center of the advancement model.

  • It gives the occasion initializers.

  • The courses are center highlights of the Ember.js which are utilized for dealing with the URL's.