EmberJS Templates

A format is utilized to make a standard layout over numerous pages. When you change a layout, the pages that depend on that format consequently get changed. Formats give standardization controls.

The underneath table demonstrates some more insights regarding formats −

S.No. Types & Description
1 Handlebars Basics

The Handlebars templating library permits building rich UI by including static HTML and dynamic content.

2 Built-in Helpers

Helpers give additional usefulness to the layouts and alters the crude incentive from models and parts into appropriate organization for users.

3 Conditionals

Ember.js characterizes the two contingent articulations which help to control the stream of program.

4 Displaying List of Items

You can show the rundown of things in an exhibit by utilizing the #each helper.

5 Displaying Keys in an Object

You can show the keys in the item by utilizing the #each-in helper.

6 Links

The {{link-to}} part can be utilized to make a connection to a route.

7 Actions

The HTML component can be made interactive by utilizing the {{action}} helper.

8 Input Helpers

The basic structure controls can be made by utilizing the {{input}} and {{textarea}} assistants in the Ember.js

9 Development Helpers

The format developement can be made simpler by utilizing a few aides of Handlebars and Ember.

10 Writing Helpers

You can add additional usefulness to the layouts and changes over the crude qualities from models and segments into legitimate organization for the users.