HTML Plug-ins

In this part we learn html object. HTML Object are different helpful

HTML Helpers

Helper applications are called modules

Html Helper instances of surely understood modules are Java applets.

Plug-ins can be added to website pages with the <object> tag or the <embed> tag. 

HTML Helper can be utilized for some, reasons: show maps, examine for infections, confirm your bank id etc.

The <object> Element

The <object> component is bolstered by all Web browsers(Firefox,Chrome,Opera) .

The <object> component characterizes an implanted item inside a HTML document.

It is utilized to install Java applets, PDF perusers, Streak Players in web pages.


<object width="400" height="50" data="bookmark.swf"></object>

The <object> component can likewise be utilized to incorporate HTML in HTML:


<object width="100%" height="500px" data="snippet.html"></object>

Or pictures on the off chance that you like:


<object data="audi.jpeg"></object>
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The <embed> Element

The <embed> component is bolstered in all browsers(Firefox,Chrome,Opera).

The <embed> component likewise characterizes an implanted article inside a HTML document.

Web programs have upheld the <embed> component for a long time. Be that as it may, it has not been a piece of the HTML determination before HTML5. The component will approve in a HTML5 page, however not in a HTML 4 page.


<embed width="400" height="50" src="bookmark.swf">


<embed width="100%" height="500px" src="snippet.html">

You can use in Images:


<embed src="audi.jpeg"> <embed src="fast.jpeg">
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