Ionic - Buttons

The principle class for all the catch sorts is catch. This classification can interminably be connected to our catches, and that we can utilize it as a prefix once working with sub categories.

Block Buttons

You can utilize consistently have 100 percent measurement of their parent instrumentality. they'll even have atiny low padding applied.

button-square classification for including square buttons.

<button class = "button catch block"> 

catch square 


<button class = "button catch full"> 

catch full 

The code will result: -

Button Size

There are two Ionic classes for changing the catch estimate −

  • button-small and

  • button-large.

Following is a guide to demonstrate their utilization −

Button Colors

<button class = "button catch assertive"> 

catch decisive 

Color Class Description Result
button-light To be utilized for white color  
button-stable To be utilized for light dark color  
button-positive To be utilized for blue color  
button-quiet To be utilized for light blue color  
button-adjusted To be utilized for green color  
button-invigorated To be utilized for yellow color  
button-decisive To be utilized for red color  
button-imperial To be utilized for violet color  
button-dim To be utilized for dark color  

Button Outline

we are styling the footer bar, the prefix classification will be a bar and furthermore the shading class that we wish to use amid this model is confident (red).

To expel the fringe from the catch, you can utilize the button-clear class. The accompanying precedent tells the best way to utilize these two classes.

<button class = "button catch decisive catch outline"> 

catch layout 


<button class = "button catch decisive catch clear"> 

catch clear 


Adding Icons

When you need to add Icons to your catches, the most ideal route is to utilize the icon class. You can put the symbol on one side of the catch by utilizing the icon-left or the icon-right. You will as a rule need to move your symbol to the other side when you have some content over your catch as clarified below.

<button class = "button symbol particle home"> 


<button class = "button symbol left particle home"> 



<button class = "button symbol right particle home"> 


The above code will create the accompanying screen

Button Bar

In the event that you need to amass two or three catches together, you can utilize the catch bar class
<div class = "button-bar"> 

<a class = "button catch positive">1</a> 

<a class = "button catch assertive">2</a> 

<a class = "button catch energized">3</a> 

<a class = "button">4</a> 


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