Ionic - Javascript Tabs

Tabs area unit a helpful pattern for any navigation sort or choosing completely different pages within your app. identical tabs can seem at the highest of the screen for humanoid devices and at all-time low for IOS devices.

Using Tabs

Tabs can be added to the app by using ion-tabs as a container element and ion-tab as a content element. We will add it to the index.html,but you'll add it to any hypertext mark-up language file within your app. simply make certain to not add it within the ion-content to avoid CSS problems that comes with it.

index.html Code

<ion-tabs class = "tabs-icon-only">

   <ion-tab title = "Home" icon-on = "ion-ios-filing" 
      icon-off = "ion-ios-filing-outline"></ion-tab>

   <ion-tab title = "About" icon-on = "ion-ios-home" 
      icon-off = "ion-ios-home-outline"></ion-tab>

   <ion-tab title = "Settings" icon-on = "ion-ios-star" 
      icon-off = "ion-ios-star-outline"></ion-tab>