Ionic - Javascript Tabs

Tabs region unit an accommodating example for any route sort or picking totally unique pages inside your application. indistinguishable tabs can appear at the most astounding of the screen for humanoid gadgets and at untouched low for IOS gadgets.

Using Tabs

Tabs can be added to the application by utilizing ion-tabs as a holder component and ion-tab as a substance component. We will add it to the index.html,but you'll add it to any hypertext increase language record inside your application. basically make sure to not include it inside the particle substance to stay away from CSS issues that accompanies it.

index.html Code

<ion-tabs class = "tabs-symbol only"> 

<ion-tab title = "Home" symbol on = "particle ios-documenting" 

symbol off = "particle ios-documenting outline"></particle tab> 

<ion-tab title = "About" symbol on = "particle ios-home" 

symbol off = "particle ios-home-outline"></particle tab> 

<ion-tab title = "Settings" symbol on = "particle ios-star" 

symbol off = "particle ios-star-outline"></particle tab> 

</particle tabs>