Ionic - Padding

Padding Classes

Ionic offers a simple thanks to add artefact to parts. There square measure number of categories which {will|that may} be used and every one of them will add 10px between border of component and its content.
Class Name Class Info
padding Adds padding around every side.
padding-vertical Adds padding to the top and bottom.
padding-horizontal Adds padding to the left and right.
padding-top Adds padding to the top.
padding-right Adds padding to the right.
padding-bottom Adds padding to the bottom.
padding-left Adds padding to the left.

Using Padding

When you need to use some cushioning to your part, you simply got to assign one in every of the categories from the table on top of. the subsequent example shows 2 block buttons. the primary one is exploitation the padding class and therefore the other doesn't. you'll notice that the primary button is larger, since it's 10px padding applied.

<div class = "button button-block padding">Padding</div>
<div class = "button button-block">No padding</div>

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