Ionic - Padding

Padding Classes

Ionic offers a basic gratitude to add relic to parts. There square measure number of classes which may be utilized and all of them will include 10px between fringe of part and its substance.
Class Name Class Info
padding Adds cushioning around each side.
padding-vertical Adds cushioning to the best and bottom.
padding-level Adds cushioning to one side and right.
padding-top Adds cushioning to the top.
padding-right Adds cushioning to the right.
padding-base Adds cushioning to the bottom.
padding-left Adds cushioning to the left.

Using Padding

When you have to utilize some padding to your part, you just got the opportunity to appoint one in everything about classes from the table over. the consequent precedent shows 2 square catches. the essential one is misuse the padding class and consequently the other doesn't. you'll see that the essential catch is bigger, since it's 10px cushioning applied.

<div class = "catch square padding">Padding</div> 

<div class = "catch block">No padding</div>

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