jQuery Mobile Events

Events = All the distinctive guest's activities that a website page can react to.

jQuery Mobile Events

You can utilize any standard jQuery events in jQuery Mobile.

In expansion, jQuery Mobile likewise offers a few occasions that are customized for portable browsing:

  • Touch occasions - triggers when a client contacts the screen (tap and swipe)
  • Scroll occasions - triggers when a client looks up and down
  • Orientation occasions - triggers when the gadget pivots vertically or horizontally
  • Page occasions - triggers when a page is appeared, made, stacked as well as unloaded

For a total reference of all the jQuery Mobile occasions, it would be ideal if you go to our jQuery Mobile Events Reference.

Initializing jQuery Mobile Events

In jQuery, you have figured out how to utilize the archive prepared occasion to keep any jQuery code from running before the report is done stacking (is ready):

jQuery report prepared event


   //jQuery techniques go here...


However, in jQuery Mobile, we utilize the pagecreate occasion, which happens when the page has been made in the DOM, yet before improvement is complete.

The second parameter ("#pageone") focuses to the id of the page to determine the event(s) for:

jQuery Mobile pagecreate event


   //jQuery occasions go here...


The next sections will clarify probably the most well known occasions in jQuery Mobile.