JavaScript HTML DOM - Changing CSS

The HTML DOM permits JavaScript to change the style of HTML elements.

Changing HTML Style

To change the style of a HTML component, utilize this syntax:

document.getElementById(id).style.property=new style

The following precedent changes the style of a <p> element:



<p id="p2">Hello World!</p>

document.getElementById("p2").style.color = "blue";

<p>The passage above was changed by a script.</p>

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Using Events

The HTML DOM enables you to execute code when an occasion occurs.

Events are created by the program when "things happen" to HTML elements:

  • An component is clicked on
  • The page has loaded
  • Input fields are changed

You will get familiar with occasions in the following section of this tutorial.

This model changes the style of the HTML component with id="id1", when the client clicks a button:


<!DOCTYPE html>

<h1 id="id1">My Heading 1</h1>

<button type="button"
onclick="document.getElementById('id1').style.color = 'red'">
Snap Me!</button>

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More Examples

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HTML DOM Style Object Reference

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