Kotlin - Inheritance

In this insolvency we can examine the Inheritance

In Kotlin, the base class is named as "Any", which is the remarkable wonderfulness of the 'any' default polish pronounced in Kotlin

Kotlin moreover gives this usefulness utilizing one catchphrase called ":".


import java.Util.Arrays 

open brilliance ABC 

fun assume () 

print("Oh!! I'm welookups") 

class BCD: ABC()/inheritence happend the utilization of default constructor 

entertaining foremost(args: Array<String>) 

var a = BCD() 



Goodness!! I am welookups 

we are creating two exercises and abrogate one of its element into the kid class.

import java.Util.Arrays 

open class ABC 

open fun karma () 

print("Oh!! I am welookups ") 

class BCD: ABC()/legacy happens the utilization of default constructor 

abrogate entertaining luvk() 

print("I Am from instructive ") 

a snicker main(args: Array) 

var a = BCD() 

a.Good fortune() 

Java, Kotlin too doesn't permit a few legacies. 


I Am from instructional exercise