MongoDB management tool: Rockmongo

RockMongo is a MongoDB management tool written in PHP5.

With Rockmongo you can manage MongoDB services, databases, collections, documents, indexes, and more.

It provides very user-friendly operation. Similar to phpMyAdmin (MySql management tool developed by PHP).


Key Features:

  • Use a loose New BSD License agreement
  • Fast speed and easy installation
  • Support for multiple languages (currently Chinese, English, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Italian)
  • System
    • You can configure multiple hosts, each host can have multiple administrators
    • Administrator password is required to log in to ensure database security
  • Server
    • Server information (WEB server, PHP, PHP.ini related instructions ...)
    • Status
    • Database information
  • Database
    • Query, create and delete
    • Execute commands and Javascript code
    • Statistics
  • Collection (equivalent to table)
    • Powerful query tool
    • Read data, write data, change data, copy data, delete data
    • Query, create, and delete indexes
    • Empty the data
    • Delete and change data in batches
    • Statistics
  • GridFS
    • View chunks
    • Download file



  • A web server that can run PHP, such as Apache Httpd, Nginx ...
  • PHP-Requires PHP v5.1.6 or higher, requires support for SESSION
    • To connect to MongoDB, you need to install the php_mongo extension

Quick installation

  • Download the installation package
  • Unzip to your website directory
  • Open config.php with editor, modify host, port, admins and other parameters
  • Visit index.php in your browser, for example: http: //localhost/rockmongo/index.php
  • Log in with username and password, default is "admin" and "admin"
  • Start playing with MongoDB!

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