PHP MySQL Database

With PHP, you can interface with and control databases.

MySQL is the most well known database framework utilized with PHP.

What is MySQL?

  • MySQL is a database framework utilized on the web
  • MySQL is a database framework that keeps running on a server
  • MySQL is perfect for both little and huge applications
  • MySQL is exceptionally quick, solid, and simple to use
  • MySQL utilizes standard SQL
  • MySQL accumulates on various platforms
  • MySQL is allowed to download and use
  • MySQL is created, conveyed, and upheld by Oracle Corporation
  • MySQL is named after prime supporter Monty Widenius' little girl: My

The information in a MySQL database are put away in tables. A table is an accumulation of related information, and it comprises of sections what's more, rows.

Databases are valuable for putting away data completely. A School may have a database with the accompanying tables:

  • Bus
  • Tree
  • Garden

PHP + MySQL Database System

  • PHP joined with MySQL are cross-stage (you can create in Windows and serve on a Unix platform)

Database Queries

An inquiry is an inquiry or a request.

We can question a database for explicit data and have a recordset returned.

Look at the accompanying inquiry (utilizing standard SQL):

SELECT LastName FROM Employees

The inquiry above chooses every one of the information in the "Bus" segment from the "Tree" table.

To get familiar with SQLSQL tutorial.

Download MySQL Database

If you don't have a PHP server with a MySQL Database, you can download it http://www.mysql.com

Facts About MySQL Database

MySQL is the accepted standard database framework for sites with HUGE volumes of the two information and end-users

Another incredible thing about MySQL is that it very well may be downsized to help implanted database applications.

http://www.mysql.com/clients/ for a review of organizations utilizing MySQL.