ADO Demonstration

To exhibit a little genuine ADO application, we have assembled a couple ADO demos.

Read this First

If you endeavor to refresh the database, you will get the blunder message: "You try not to have consent to refresh this database". You get this mistake in light of the fact that you don't have compose access to our server.

BUT, in the event that you duplicate the code and run it all alone framework, you may get the same mistake. That is on the grounds that the framework may consider you to be an unknown web client when you get to the document by means of your program. All things considered, you need to change the entrance rights to gain admittance to the document.

How to change the entrance privileges of your Access database?

Open Windows Explorer, discover the .mdb document. Right-click on the .mdb document and select Properties. Go to the Security tab and set the entrance rights here.