ADO Introduction

ADO can be utilized to get to databases from your web pages.

What you should definitely know

Before you proceed with you ought to have a fundamental comprehension of the following:

  • HTML
  • ASP
  • SQL

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What is ADO?

  • ADO is a Microsoft technology
  • ADO represents ActiveX Data Objects
  • ADO is a Microsoft Active-X component
  • ADO is consequently introduced with Microsoft IIS
  • ADO is a programming interface to get to information in a database

Accessing a Database from an ASP Page

The regular approach to get to a database from inside an ASP page is to:

  1. Create an ADO association with a database
  2. Open the database connection
  3. Create an ADO recordset
  4. Open the recordset
  5. Extract the information you need from the recordset
  6. Close the recordset
  7. Close the connection