ADO Command Object

Command Object

The ADO Command object is utilized to execute a solitary inquiry against a database. The inquiry can perform activities like making, including, recovering, erasing or refreshing records.

If the inquiry is utilized to recover information, the information will be returned as a RecordSet object. This implies the recovered information can be controlled by properties, accumulations, strategies, and occasions of the Recordset object.

The significant component of the Command object is the capacity to utilize put away questions and methods with parameters.


set objCommand=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.command")


Property Description
ActiveConnection Sets or returns a definition for an association if the association is shut, or the present Connection object if the association is open
CommandText Sets or returns a supplier command
CommandTimeout Sets or returns the quantity of seconds to pause while endeavoring to execute a command
CommandType Sets or returns the sort of a Command object
Name Sets or returns the name of a Command object
Prepared Sets or returns a Boolean esteem that, whenever set to True, demonstrates that the order ought to spare a readied form of the question before the first execution
State Returns an esteem that depicts if the Command object is open, shut, associating, executing or recovering data


Method Description
Cancel Cancels an execution of a method
CreateParameter Creates another Parameter object
Execute Executes the question, SQL proclamation or methodology in the CommandText property


Collection Description
Parameters Contains all the Parameter objects of a Command Object
Properties Contains all the Property objects of a Command Object