ADO Field Object

Field Object

The ADO Field object contains data about a segment in a Recordset object. There is one Field object for each segment in the Recordset.


set objField=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.field")


Property Description
ActualSize Returns the genuine length of a field's value
Attributes Sets or returns the properties of a Field object
DefinedSize Returns the characterized size of a field
Name Sets or returns the name of a Field object
NumericScale Sets or returns the quantity of decimal spots took into account numeric qualities in a Field object
OriginalValue Returns the first estimation of a field
Precision Sets or returns the greatest number of digits permitted when speaking to numeric qualities in a Field object
Status Returns the status of a Field object
Type Sets or returns the sort of a Field object
UnderlyingValue Returns the present estimation of a field
Value Sets or returns the estimation of a Field object


Method Description
AppendChunk Appends long paired or character information to a Field object
GetChunk Returns all or a piece of the substance of a vast content or paired information Field object


Collection Description
Properties Contains all the Property objects for a Field object