ADO Record Object

Record Object (ADO variant 2.5)

The ADO Record object is utilized to hold a column in a Recordset, a registry, or a document from a record system.

Only organized databases could be gotten to by ADO in adaptations earlier 2.5. In an organized database, each table has precisely the same number of sections in each line, and every segment is made out of similar information type.

The Record object enables access to informational collections where the quantity of sections as well as the information type can be not quite the same as column to row. 




Property Description
ActiveConnection Sets or returns which Connection object a Record object has a place to
Mode Sets or returns the authorization for adjusting information in a Record object
ParentURL Returns the outright URL of the parent Record
RecordType Returns the sort of a Record object
Source Sets or returns the src parameter of the Open strategy for a Record object
State Returns the status of a Record object


Method Description
Cancel Cancels an execution of a CopyRecord, DeleteRecord, MoveRecord, or Open call
Close Closes a Record object
CopyRecord Copies a document or catalog to another location
DeleteRecord Deletes a document or directory
GetChildren Returns a Recordset object where each line speaks to the records in the directory
MoveRecord Moves a record or a registry to another location
Open Opens a current Record object or makes another document or directory


Collection Description
Properties A gathering of supplier explicit properties
Fields Contains all the Field protests in the Record object

The Fields Collection's Properties

Property Description
Count Returns the quantity of things in the fields gathering. Begins at zero.



Item(named_item/number) Returns a predefined thing in the fields gathering.


itemfields = rec.Fields.Item("Name")