ADO Stream Object

Stream Object (ADO variant 2.5)

The ADO Stream Object is utilized to peruse, compose, and deal with a surge of parallel information or text.

A Stream item can be gotten in three ways:

  • From a URL indicating a report, an organizer, or a Record object
  • By instantiating a Stream article to store information for your application
  • By opening the default Stream object related with a Record object




Property Description
CharSet Sets or returns an esteem that determines into which character set the substance are to be deciphered. This property is just utilized with content Stream objects (type is adTypeText)
EOS Returns whether the present position is toward the finish of the stream or not
LineSeparator Sets or returns the line separator character utilized in a content Stream object
Mode Sets or returns the accessible consents for adjusting data
Position Sets or returns the present position (in bytes) from the start of a Stream object
Size Returns the span of an open Stream object
State Returns an esteem depicting if the Stream object is open or closed
Type Sets or returns the kind of information in a Stream object


Method Description
Cancel Cancels an execution of an Open approach a Stream object
Close Closes a Stream object
CopyTo Copies a predetermined number of characters/bytes from one Stream object into another Stream object
Flush Sends the substance of the Stream cradle to the related basic object
LoadFromFile Loads the substance of a document into a Stream object
Open Opens a Stream object
Read Reads the whole stream or a predefined number of bytes from a parallel Stream object
ReadText Reads the whole stream, a line, or a predefined number of characters from a content Stream object
SaveToFile Saves the parallel substance of a Stream article to a file
SetEOS Sets the present position to be the finish of the stream (EOS)
SkipLine Skips a line when perusing a content Stream
Write Writes paired information to a twofold Stream object
WriteText Writes character information to a content Stream object