ASP Response Object

The ASP Response object is used to send output to the user from the server.

Response Object

The ASP Response object is utilized to send yield to the client from the server. Its accumulations, properties, and strategies are portrayed below:


Collection Description
Cookies Sets a treat esteem. In the event that the treat does not exist, it will be made, furthermore, take the esteem that is specified


Property Description
Buffer Specifies whether to cushion the page yield or not
CacheControl Sets whether an intermediary server can reserve the yield produced by ASP or not
Charset Appends the name of a character-set to the substance type header in the Response object
ContentType Sets the HTTP content sort for the Response object
Expires Sets to what extent (in minutes) a page will be reserved on a program before it expires
ExpiresAbsolute Sets a date and time when a page stored on a program will expire
IsClientConnected Indicates if the customer has disengaged from the server
Pics Appends an incentive to the PICS name reaction header
Status Specifies the estimation of the status line returned by the server


Method Description
AddHeader Adds another HTTP header and an incentive to the HTTP response
AppendToLog Adds a string as far as possible of the server log entry
BinaryWrite Writes information straightforwardly to the yield with no character conversion
Clear Clears any supported HTML output
End Stops preparing a content, and returns the current result
Flush Sends supported HTML yield immediately
Redirect Redirects the client to an alternate URL
Write Writes a predefined string to the output