EmberJS Embedding Applications and Feature Flags

You can implant an application into a current page by changing the root component. When you make an application, as a matter of course the application layout will be rendered by the application and joined to the body component. It is conceivable to incorporate the application layout to various component by utilizing the rootElement property.


import Ember from 'coal'; 

trade default Ember.Application.extend ({ 

rootElement: '#app' 


The URL can be debilitated by setting the switch's locationType banner to none. This property can be included the config/environment.js file.


let ENV = { 

locationType: 'none' 


The root URL can be indicated in the Ember application, in the event that it is served from a similar area. You likewise need to indicate what the root URL of your Ember application is.

For occasion, you can incorporate the blogging application from http://emberjs.com/myblog/, and indicate the root URL of myblog. This should be possible by utilizing the rootURL property switch −


Ember.Router.extend ({ 

rootURL: '/myblog/' 


Feature Flags

The hailing subtleties of highlight banners will be determined in the features.json record. The code of highlight banners can be empowered dependent on the undertaking's design. The recently created highlight banner is accessible just in canary forms. It tends to be empowered by utilizing the undertaking's setup document when the Ember.js people group thinks about that it is prepared for creation use.

A highlight can have any of the accompanying three banners −

  • true − It determines that the banner is available and empowered; the code must be empowered in the created build.

  • null − It indicates that the banner is available, however crippled in the construct yield and can be empowered at runtime.

  • false − It determines that the banner handicapped and the code isn't accessible in the produced build.

Developers incorporate the section of new element in the FEATURES.md record alongside the clarification of highlight. They additionally add another component to the ace branch on the github.

The highlight can be empowered at run time by setting the link-to banner incentive to valid before application boots. Open the config/environment.js record and set the banner as appeared beneath −


let ENV = { 

EmberENV: { 

Highlights: { 

'interface to': genuine