Flask – Environment


Python 2.6 or higher is typically required for installation of Flask. In spite of the fact that Flask and its dependencies work with Python 3 (Python 3.3 onwards), numerous Flask augmentations don't support it appropriately. Thus, it is recommended that Flask ought to be installed on Python 2.7.

Install virtualenv for advancement environment

virtualenv is a virtual Python condition manufacturer. It helps a client to make multiple Python environments one next to the other. In this way, it can maintain a strategic between from similarity issues between the various adaptations of the libraries.

Sudo apt-get install virtualenv

Once installed, new virtual environment is created in a folder.

mkdir newproj
cd newproj
virtualenv venv

To activate corresponding environment, on Linux/OS X, use the following −


On Windows, following can be used


We are now ready to install Flask in this environment.

pip install Flask

The above command can be run directly, without virtual environment for system-wide installation.