Go - Passing pointers to functions

Go - Passing suggestions to capacities - Passing an issue by methods for reference or by location each enable the outperformed contention to be changed in the calling capacity by means of the alluded to as characteristic.

In the accompanying precedent, we skip clues to a capacity and change the expense inside the element which reflects lower back inside the calling trademark

bundle basic 

import "fmt" 

func generally imperative() 

/* neighborhood variable definition */ 

var an int = 100 

var b int= 200 

fmt.Printf("Before swap, cost of a : %dn", a ) 

fmt.Printf("Before change, cost of b : %dn", b ) 

/* calling a trademark to switch the qualities. 

* &a shows pointer to an ie. Manage of variable an and 

* &b demonstrates pointer to b ie. Address of variable b. 


switch(&a, &b); 

fmt.Printf("After change, expense of a : %dn", a ) 

fmt.Printf("After change, expense of b : %dn", b ) 

func switch(x *int, y *int) 

var temp int 

temp = *x/* store the incentive at manage x */ 

*x = *y/* set y into x */ 

*y = temp/* situated temp into y */ 

At the point when the above code is arranged and performed, it creates the accompanying final product

Prior to change, cost of a : 100 

Prior to switch, cost of b : 2 hundred 

After swap, cost of a : 200 

After change, cost of b : a hundred