Go - Pointer to pointer

Go enables you to have pointer on a pointer thus on.

pointer to a pointer, the essential pointer contains the arrangement with of the second one pointer, which focuses to the spot that incorporates the genuine expense as demonstrated underneath.

A variable that might be a pointer to a pointer should be pronounced as such.For precedent, the accompanying affirmation announces a pointer to a pointer of kind int.


var ptr **int; 

At the point when an objective cost is roundaboutly indicated through a pointer to a pointer, getting to that cost necessitates that the reference mark administrator be actualized twice

pack major 

import "fmt" 

func chief() 

var an int 

var ptr *int 

var pptr **int 

a = 5000 

/* take the location of var */ 

ptr = &a 

/* take the adapt to of ptr utilizing adapt to of administrator and */ 

pptr = &ptr 

/* take the value the utilization of pptr */ 

fmt.Printf("Value of a = %dn", a ) 

fmt.Printf("Value accessible at *ptr = %dn", *ptr ) 

fmt.Printf("Value accessible at **pptr = %dn", **pptr) 

At the point when the above code is ordered and performed, it creates the accompanying outcome

Estimation of a = 5000 

Incentive to be had at *ptr = 5000 

Esteem accessible at **pptr = 5000