Go - Structures

Go arrays assist you to outline variables that can hold several data items. Structure is any other consumer-described information type available in Go programming

Defining a Structure

To define a shape, you must use type and struct statements. The struct declaration defines a brand new records type, with multiple participants to your software.
type struct_variable_type struct 
   member definition;
   member definition;
   Member definition;

Once a structure type is described, it is able to be used to claim variables of that type the usage of the subsequent syntax
variable_name := structure_variable_type value1, value2...Valuen

Accessing Structure Members

To access any member of a shape, we use the member get right of entry to operator (.).
package fundamental

import "fmt"

type School struct 
    age string
    pupil string
    difficulty string
    school_id int

func essential() 
    var school1 School    /* Declare school1 of type college */
    var school2 School    /* Declare school2 of type faculty */

    /* school 1 specification */
    school1.Age = "sixteen"
    school1.Student = "Markup David"
    school1.Difficulty = "COMPUTER SCIENCE "
    school1.School_id = 6495407

    /* school 2 specification */
    school2.Age = "seventeen"
    school2.Scholar = "Sara"
    school2.Issue = "ENGLISH"
    school2.School_id = 6495700

    /* print school1 information */
    fmt.Printf( "college 1 age : %sn", school1.Age)
    fmt.Printf( "college 1 student : %sn", school1.Pupil)
    fmt.Printf( "school 1 problem : %sn", school1.Subject)
    fmt.Printf( "school 1 school_id : %dn", school1.School_id)

    /* print school2 data */
    fmt.Printf( "school 2 age : %sn", school2.Age)
    fmt.Printf( "college 2 scholar : %sn", school2.Student)
    fmt.Printf( "faculty 2 issue : %sn", school2.Problem)
    fmt.Printf( "faculty 2 school_id : %dn", school2.School_id)

When the above code is compiled and performed, it produces the following end result
school 1 age : sixteen
college 1 student : Markup David
college 1 problem : COMPUTER SCIENCE 
college 1 school_id : 6495407
faculty 2 age : seventeen
school 2 student : Sara
school 2 difficulty : ENGLISH
college 2 school_id : 6495700

Pointers to Structures

You can define tips to structures inside the same manner as you define pointer to some other variable as follows
var struct_pointer *Books
you could store the address of a structure variable in the above defined pointer variable. To discover the cope with of a shape variable