HTML Comments

Comment tags it is <!- - and - > used to embed remarks in HTML.

HTML Comment Tags

you can remarks to your HTML source by utilizing the accompanying syntax:

<!- - Write your remarks here - >

Comments are commonly not shown by the browser,it help record your HTML.

With remarks you can put warnings and updates in your HTML Web Page


<!- - This is a remark - >

<p>This is a paragraph.</p>

<!- - Remember to include more data here - >
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Comments are likewise incredible for investigating HTML, since you can remark out HTML lines of code, each one in turn, to scan for errors:


<!- - Do not show this at the moment
<img border="0" src="pic_mountain.jpg" alt="Mountain">
- >
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Conditional Comments

You may unearth restrictive remarks in HTML:

<!- - [if IE 10]>
    .... some HTML here ....
<![endif]- - >

Conditional remarks characterizes HTML labels to be executed by Internet Explorer only.

Software Program Tags

HTML remark labels are created different programming projects, for example, Firefox,chrome

For model <!- - webbot bot- - > labels wrapped inside HTML remarks by FrontPage and Expression Web.

As a standard, let these labels remain, to help bolster the product that made them.