HTML Quotation and Citation Elements


Here is a statement from Google hacking website:

Google hacking, once in a while, alluded to as Google dorking, is a data gathering system utilized by an assailant utilizing propelled Google looking strategies. Google hacking seek questions can be utilized to distinguish security vulnerabilities in web applications, accumulate data for discretionary or singular targets, find blunder messages unveiling touchy data, find documents containing accreditations and other delicate information.

HTML <q> for Short Quotations

The HTML <q> component characterizes a short quotation.

Browsers more often than not embed quotes around the <q> element.


<p>WWF will probably: <q>Build a future where individuals live in agreement with nature.</q></p>
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HTML <blockquote> for Long Quotations

The HTML <blockquote> component characterizes a cited section.

Browsers more often than not indent <blockquote> elements.


<p>Here is a statement from WWF's website:</p>
<blockquote cite="http://www.worldwildlife.org/who/index.html">
For a long time, WWF has been securing the eventual fate of nature.
The world's driving protection organization,
WWF works in 100 nations and is upheld by
1.2 million individuals in the United States and
close to 5 million globally.
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HTML <abbr> for Abbreviations

The HTML <abbr> component characterizes a condensing or on the other hand an acronym.

Marking condensings can give helpful data to programs, interpretation frameworks and inquiry engines.


<p>The <abbr title="World Health Organization">WHO</abbr> was established in 1948.</p>
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HTML <address> for Contact Information

The HTML <address> component characterizes contact data (writer/proprietor) of an archive or article.

The <address> component is typically shown in italic. Generally programs will include a line break when the element.


Written by John Doe.<br>
Visit us at:<br>
Box 564, Disneyland<br>
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HTML <cite> for Work Title

The HTML <cite> component characterizes the title of a work.

Browsers as a rule show <cite> components in italic.


<p><cite>The Scream</cite> by Edvard Munch. Painted in 1893.</p>
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HTML <bdo> for Bi-Directional Override

The HTML <bdo> component characterizes bi-directional override.

The <bdo> component is utilized to abrogate the present content direction:


<bdo dir="rtl">This content will be composed from ideal to left</bdo>
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HTML Quotation and Citation Elements

Tag Description
<abbr> Defines a contraction or acronym
<address> Defines contact data for the creator/proprietor of a document
<bdo> Defines the content direction
<blockquote> Defines a segment that is cited from another source
<cite> Defines the title of a work
<q> Defines a short inline quotation