Ionic Introduction

Ionic could be a front-end hypertext mark-up language framework designed on prime of AngularJS and Cordova.

Ionic is AN HTML5 Mobile App Development Framework targeted at building hybrid mobile apps.

Ionic Framework Features

There area unit Following the foremost necessary options of Ionic

  • AngularJS − Ionic is exploitation AngularJS MVC design for building made single page applications optimized for mobile devices.

  • CSS components − With the native look and feel, these elements supply most components that a mobile application wants. The components’ default styling may be simply overridden to accommodate your own styles.

  • JavaScript elements − These elements area unit extending CSS components with JavaScript functionalities to hide all mobile components that can't be done solely with hypertext mark-up language and CSS.

  • Cordova Plugins − Apache Cordova plugins supply API required for exploitation native device functions with JavaScript code.

  • Ionic CLIthis is often NodeJS utility high-powered with commands for beginning, building, running and emulating Ionic applications.

  • Ionic Viewterribly helpful platform for uploading, sharing and testing your application on native devices.

  • Licence − Ionic is discharged below MIT license.