Ionic - Javascript Tabs

Tabs are a useful pattern for any navigation type or selecting different pages inside your app. The same tabs will appear at the top of the screen for Android devices and at the bottom for IOS devices.

Using Tabs

Tabs can be added to the app by using ion-tabs as a container element and ion-tab as a content element. We will add it to the index.html, but you can add it to any HTML file inside your app. Just be sure not to add it inside the ion-content to avoid CSS issues that comes with it.

index.html Code

<ion-tabs class = "tabs-icon-only">

   <ion-tab title = "Home" icon-on = "ion-ios-filing" 
      icon-off = "ion-ios-filing-outline"></ion-tab>

   <ion-tab title = "About" icon-on = "ion-ios-home" 
      icon-off = "ion-ios-home-outline"></ion-tab>

   <ion-tab title = "Settings" icon-on = "ion-ios-star" 
      icon-off = "ion-ios-star-outline"></ion-tab>