Ionic - Cordova Icon and Splash Screen

Every portable application needs a symbol and sprinkle screen. Ionic gives incredible answer for including it and requires least work for the designers. Trimming and resizing is mechanized on the Ionic server.

Adding Splash Screen and Icon

In the prior sections, we have talked about how to include diverse stages for the Ionic application. By including a stage, Ionic will introduce Cordova sprinkle screen module for that stage so we don't have to introduce anything a short time later. We should simply to discover two images.

The pictures ought to be png, psd or ai documents. The base measurement ought to be 192x192 for symbol picture and 2208×2208 for the sprinkle screen picture. This measurements will cover every one of the gadgets. In our precedent, we will utilize a similar picture for both. The pictures should be spared to resources envelope rather than the default ones. After we are finished with, everything we need is to run the accompanying in the direction brief window.

C:\Users\Username\Desktop\MyApp>ionic assets 

Now, on the off chance that you check resources/android or resources/ios organizers, you will see that the pictures we included before are resized and edited to suit diverse screen sizes. When we run our application on the gadget, we will see a sprinkle screen before the application is begun and we will see that a default Ionic symbol is changed.

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