jQuery Effect Methods

jQuery effect method

The table below lists all the jQuery methods used to create animation effects.

Switch between
method Description
animate() Apply a "custom" animation to the selected element
clearQueue() Remove all queued functions for selected elements (still not running)
delay() Set a delay for all queued functions of the selected element (still not running)
dequeue() Remove the next queued function and then execute the function
fadeIn() gradually changes the opacity of the selected element, from hidden to visible
fadeOut() gradually changes the opacity of the selected element, from visible to hidden
fadeTo() gradually change the selected element to the given opacity
fadeToggle() Switch between the fadeIn() and fadeOut() methods
finish() Stop, remove, and complete all queued animations for selected elements
hide() Hide selected elements
queue() Displays the queuing function of the selected element
show() Show selected elements
slideDown() Sliding the selected element by adjusting the height
slideToggle() Switch between slideUp() and slideDown() methods
slideUp() Slide to hide selected elements by adjusting height
stop() Stop the currently running animation on the selected element
toggle()hide() and show() methods