HTML DOM Link Object

Link Object

The Link object speaks to a HTML <link> element.

Access a Link Object

You can get to a <link> component by utilizing getElementById():

var x = document.getElementById("myLink");

Create a Link Object

You can make a <link> component by utilizing the document.createElement() method:

var x = document.createElement("LINK");

Link Object Properties

= Property included HTML5.

Property Description
charset Not bolstered in HTML5.
Sets or returns the character encoding of the connected document
crossOrigin Sets or returns the CORS settings of the connected document
disabled Sets or returns whether the connected report is debilitated, or not
href Sets or returns the URL of the connected document
hreflang Sets or returns the language code of the connected document
media Sets or returns the media type for the connection element
rel Sets or returns the connection between the current archive and the connected document
rev Not upheld in HTML5.
Sets or returns the invert relationship from the connected report to the current document
sizes Returns the estimation of the sizes quality of the connected resource
type Sets or returns the substance kind of the connected document