JavaScript Global Reference

The JavaScript worldwide properties and capacities can be utilized with all the implicit JavaScript objects.

JavaScript Global Properties

Property Description
Infinity A numeric esteem that speaks to positive/negative infinity
NaN "Not-a-Number" value
undefined Indicates that a variable has not been doled out a value

JavaScript Global Functions

Function Description
decodeURI() Decodes a URI
decodeURIComponent() Decodes a URI component
encodeURI() Encodes a URI
encodeURIComponent() Encodes a URI component
escape() Deprecated in form 1.5.
eval() Evaluates a string and executes it as though it was content code
isFinite() Determines whether an esteem is a limited, lawful number
isNaN() Determines whether an esteem is an unlawful number
Number() Converts an article's an incentive to a number
parseFloat() Parses a string and returns a gliding point number
parseInt() Parses a string and returns an integer
String() Converts an item's incentive to a string
unescape() Deprecated in form 1.5. Use decodeURI() instead