Kotlin - Introduction

Kotlin is a open source programming language.Kotlin can target Java and JavaScript. It runs on Java virtual machine.

Kotlin is influenced by other programming languages such as Java, Scala, Groovy, Gosu, etc. The syntax of Kotlin may not be exactly similar to JAVA


  • Concise − Kotlin is based on JVM and functional language.
  • Runtime and Performance − Better performance and small runtime.
  • Easy Language − Kotlin is a easy to learn. The syntax is much similar to Java it is very easy to remember and write. Kotlin is user friendly programming it is readable and understandable.
  • Interoperability − Kotlin is mature enough to build an interoperable application in a less complex manner.
  • Brand New − Kotlin is a brand new language that gives developers a fresh start. It is not a replacement of Java, though it is developed over JVM. It is accepted as the first official language of android development. Kotlin can be defined as - Kotlin = JAVA + extra updated new features.
  • Tool friendly Choose any java IDE or build from command line.

Diadvantages of Kotlin.

Namespace declaration − Kotlin allows developers to declare the functions at the top level. However, whenever the same function is declared in many places of your application, then it is hard to understand which function is being called.

No Static Declaration − Kotlin does not have usual static handling modifier like Java, which can cause some problem to the conventional Java developer.

Kotlin Comes With Lazy − Loading Feature