MongoDB - Atomic Operations

MongoDB does not support multi-document atomic transactions.

it does provide atomic operations on a single document.

Model Data for Atomic Operations

The recommended approach to maintain atomicity would be to keep all the related information, which is frequently updated together in a single document using embedded documents. Consider the following products document
    "product_name": "Google Pixel 3 Just Black 128",
    "category": "mobiles",
    "product_total": 5,
    "product_available": 3,
    "product_bought_by": [
            "customer": "David",
            "date": "4-Oct-2018"
            "customer": "Anderson",
            "date": "5-Oct-2018"
Here customer who buys the product in the product_bought_by field.whenever a new customer buys the product, we will first check if the product is still available using product_available field. But We can use findAndModify command for this functionality because it searches and updates the document in the same go.
findAndModify query makes sure that the product purchase information is updated only if it the product is available.

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