MongoDB - Indexing Limitations

MongoDB - Indexing Limitations we can study Indexing Limitations and its different additives.

Extra Overhead

Every index occupies a few area in addition to reasons an overhead on every insert, replace and delete.So if you rarely use your series for study operations, it makes feel not to apply indexes.

RAM Usage

Since indexes are stored in RAM, you ought to make sure that the total size of the index does no longer exceed the RAM limit. If the whole size increases the RAM length

Query Limitations

  • Regular expressions or negation operators like $nin, $no longer, etc.
  • Arithmetic operators like $mod, and many others.
  • $where clause

Index Key Limits

Starting from model 2.6, MongoDB will no longer create an index if the cost of existing index discipline exceeds the index key restriction.

Inserting Documents Exceeding Index Key Limit

MongoDB will not insert any report into an indexed series if the listed discipline fee of this file exceeds the index key limit.

Maximum Ranges

  • A collection can not have greater than 64 indexes.
  • The period of the index name can't be longer than one hundred twenty five characters.
  • A compound index may have maximum 31 fields listed.

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