MongoDB - Projection

projection means selecting only the necessary data rather than selecting whole of the data of a document. If a document has 5 fields and you need to show only 3, then select only 3 fields from them..

MongoDB's find() method, explained in MongoDB Query Document accepts second optional parameter that is list of fields that you want to retrieve. In MongoDB, when you execute find() method


The basic syntax of find() method with projection is as follows


Consider the collection mycol has the following data
  { "_id" : ObjectId(124asd1sd4ae12), "title":"MongoDB"}
{ "_id" : ObjectId(124asd1sd4ae13), "title":"NoSQL "}
{ "_id" : ObjectId(124asd1sd4ae14), "title":"Welookups "}
{"title":"MongoDB "}
{"title":"NoSQL "}
{"title":"Welookups "}

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