Install Node.js on Windows

To introduce and setup a environment for Node.js, you need the accompanying two softwares available accessible on your computer:

  1. Text Editor.
  2. Node.js Binary installable

Text Editor:

The content manager is utilized to type your program. For instance: Notepad is utilized in Windows, vim or vi can be utilized on Windows just as Linux or UNIX. The name and form of the word processor can be not quite the same as working framework to working framework.

The records made with content tool are called source documents and contain program source code. The source records for Node.js programs are normally named with the augmentation ".js".

The Node.js Runtime:

The source code written in source document is just JavaScript. It is deciphered and executed by the Node.js translator.

How to download Node.js:

You can download the most recent adaptation of Node.js installable chronicle document from https://nodejs.org/en/ Install Node.js 1

Here, you deploy the installation of node-v4.4.2 LTS recommended for most users.

Install Node.js 2 Install Node.js 3

Accept the terms of license agreement.

< Install Node.js 4

Choose the location where you want to install.

Install Node.js 5

Ready to install:

Install Node.js 6 Install Node.js 7 Install Node.js 8 Install Node.js 9

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