PHP Miscellaneous Functions

PHP Introduction to Miscellaneous Functions

We group functions that do not belong to other categories into the miscellaneous function category.


Miscellaneous functions are part of the core of PHP. No installation is required to use these functions.

Runtime configuration

The behavior of miscellaneous functions is affected by settings in the php.ini file.

Miscellaneous configuration options:

name default Description can be changed
ignore_user_abort "0" FALSE Indicates that the script will be terminated whenever the script attempts to output after the client terminates the connection. PHP_INI_ALL
highlight.string "# DD0000" Color for highlighting PHP-compliant strings. PHP_INI_ALL
highlight.comment "# FF8000" Color for highlighting PHP comments. PHP_INI_ALL
highlight.keyword "# 007700" Colors used for syntax highlighting of PHP keywords (such as parentheses and semicolons). PHP_INI_ALL "# FFFFFF" Background color. PHP_INI_ALL
highlight.default "# 0000BB" The default color of PHP syntax. PHP_INI_ALL
highlight.html "# 000000" The color of the HTML code. PHP_INI_ALL
browscap NULL The name and location of the browser performance file (for example, browsercap.ini). PHP_INI_SYSTEM

PHP Miscellaneous functions

PHP : Indicates the earliest version of PHP that supports this function.

function description PHP
connection_aborted () Check if the client is disconnected. 3
connection_status () Returns the current connection status. 3
connection_timeout () Deprecated in PHP 4.0.5. Check if the script has timed out. 3
constant () Returns a constant value. 4
define () Defines a constant. 3
defined () Check if a constant exists. 3
die () Output a message and exit the current script. 3
eval () Evaluates strings as PHP code. 3
exit () Output a message and exit the current script. 3
get_browser () Returns the performance of the user's browser. 3
highlight_file () PHP syntax highlighting of files. 4
highlight_string () PHP syntax highlighting of strings. 4
ignore_user_abort() Sets whether disconnecting from a remote client terminates script execution. 3
pack () Load data into a binary string. 3
php_check_syntax () Deprecated in PHP 5.0.5. 5
php_strip_whitespace () Returns source code files with deleted PHP comments and whitespace characters. 5
show_source () Alias for highlight_file (). 4
sleep () Delay code execution for several seconds. 3
time_nanosleep () Delay code execution for several seconds and nanoseconds. 5
time_sleep_until () Delay code execution until the specified time. 5
uniqid () Generate a unique ID. 3
unpack () Unpack data from a binary string. 3
usleep () Delay code execution by several microseconds. 3

PHP Miscellaneous Constants

PHP : Indicates the earliest PHP version that supports this constant.

Constant description PHP