PHP XML Parsers

What is XML?

The XML language is an approach to structure information for sharing crosswise over websites.

Several web innovations like RSS Feeds and Podcasts are written in XML.

XML is anything but difficult to make. It looks a ton like HTML, with the exception of that you make up your very own tags.

If you need to become familiar with XML, if it's not too much trouble visit our XML tutorial.

What is a XML Parser?

To read and refresh, make and control a XML archive, you will require a XML parser.

In PHP there are two noteworthy sorts of XML parsers:

  • Tree-Based Parsers
  • Event-Based Parsers

Tree-Based Parsers

Tree-based parsers holds the whole record in Memory and changes the XML report into a Tree structure. It breaks down the entire report, and gives access to the Tree components (DOM).

This kind of parser is a superior alternative for littler XML reports, yet not for substantial XML record as it causes major execution issues.

Example of tree-based parsers:

  • SimpleXML
  • DOM

Event-Based Parsers

Event-based parsers do not hold the whole archive in Memory, rather, they read in one hub at a time and enable you to connect with continuously. When you move onto the following hub, the bygone one is tossed away.

This sort of parser is appropriate for expansive XML reports. It parses quicker and expends less memory.

Example of occasion based parsers:

  • XMLReader
  • XML Expat Parser