Ruby Environment

Local Environment Settings

If you need to set up the earth for the Ruby programming language, read this area. This part will walk you through all the vital subjects identified with condition settings. It is prescribed to get familiar with the accompanying themes first, and afterward further examination other topics:

  • Ruby establishment on Linux/Unix: If you need to arrange your advancement condition on Linux/Unix, at that point please Check out the substance of this section.

  • Ruby establishment on Windows: If you need to arrange your improvement condition on Windows, look at this segment. content.

  • Ruby Command Line Options: This area records all the direction line choices that you can clarify with Ruby Use these direction line choices together.

  • Ruby Environment Variables: This area records a rundown of all the vital condition factors, setting these condition factors for Ruby The mediator works.

Popular Ruby Editor

To compose a Ruby program, you need an editor:

  • If you're composing on Windows, you can utilize any basic word processor, for example, Notepad or Edit in addition to.
  • VIM (Vi IMproved) is a straightforward content tool that chips away at practically all Unix Available, presently additionally accessible on Windows. On the other hand, you can utilize your most loved vi manager to compose Ruby projects.
  • RubyWin is a Ruby for Windows Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
  • Ruby Development Environment (RDE) For Windows clients, It is additionally a decent incorporated advancement condition (IDE).

Interactive Ruby(IRb)

Interactive Ruby (IRb) gives a shell to the experience. Inside the IRb shell, you can see the understanding outcomes line by line right away.

This instrument accompanies Ruby establishment, so you don't have to do whatever else, IRb will work.

Just type irb at the direction brief and an intelligent Ruby Session will begin as follows:


Irb 0.6.1(99/09/16) 

Irb(main):001:0> def hi 

Irb(main):002:1> out = "Hello World" 

Irb(main):003:1> puts out 

Irb(main):004:1> end 


Irb(main):005:0> hi 

Hello World 



You can not think about the execution of the above directions first, we will disclose to you in the accompanying sections.

What will be found out straightaway?

Assume that you have now set up your Ruby condition and are prepared to compose your first Ruby program. In the following part we will tell you the best way to compose a Ruby program.

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