WEB SEO Tutorial

SEO Relevant FileName

You can try keyword from google just put keyword in Google search engine and you will find file names highlighted with the keyword.You can see results.

File Naming Style
  • File name should short do not more than 30 words
  • Separate the keywords with hyphens rather than underscores
  • Try use 2 words keyword
  • same keyword filename title

  • Example

    Google sees dogs filenames as follows
    seo-relevant-filename as seo relevant filename(dogs)
    File Extension

    Your file .html, .htm, .php and any other extension do NOTHING for your visitors.

    URL Sub-Directory Name
    SEO point of view, URL sub-directory . you should try same keyword You can try giving any keyword in any search, and you will not find any sub-directory name matching with your keywords. But from the userís point of view, you should keep an abbreviated sub-directory name.