HTML Canvas Reference

Defines HTML headings <p> Defines a paragraph <br> Inserts a solitary line break <hr> Defines a topical change in the content <!- - ...- - > Defines a comment


Tag Description
<acronym> Not upheld in HTML5. Use <abbr> instead.
Defines an acronym
<abbr> Defines a contraction or an acronym
<address> Defines contact data for the writer/proprietor of a record/article
<b> Defines striking text
<bdi> Isolates a piece of content that may be arranged in an alternate heading from other content outside it
<bdo> Overrides the present content direction
<big> Not upheld in HTML5. Use CSS instead.
Defines huge text
<blockquote> Defines an area that is cited from another source
<center> Not bolstered in HTML5. Use CSS instead.
Defines focused text
<cite> Defines the title of a work
<code> Defines a bit of PC code
<del> Defines content that has been erased from a document
<dfn> Represents the characterizing case of a term
<em> Defines accentuated text 
<font> Not bolstered in HTML5. Use CSS instead.
Defines textual style, shading, and size for text
<i> Defines a piece of content in a substitute voice or mood
<ins> Defines a content that has been embedded into a document
<kbd> Defines console input
<mark> Defines stamped/featured text
<meter> Defines a scalar estimation inside a known range (a gauge)
<pre> Defines preformatted text
<progress> Represents the advancement of a task
<q> Defines a short quotation
<rp> Defines what to appear in programs that don't bolster ruby annotations
<rt> Defines a clarification/articulation of characters (for East Asian typography)
<ruby> Defines a ruby comment (for East Asian typography)
<s> Defines content that is no longer correct
<samp> Defines test yield from a PC program
<small> Defines littler text
<strike> Not bolstered in HTML5. Use <del> or <s> instead.
Defines strikethrough text
<strong> Defines essential text
<sub> Defines subscripted text
<sup> Defines superscripted text
<time> Defines a date/time
<tt> Not upheld in HTML5. Use CSS instead.
Defines print text
<u> Defines content that ought to be elaborately unique in relation to ordinary text
<var> Defines a variable
<wbr> Defines a conceivable line-break
Method Description
fillText() Draws "filled" message on the canvas
strokeText() Draws message on the canvas (no fill)
measureText() Returns an article that contains the width of the predefined text

Image Drawing

Method Description
drawImage() Draws a picture, canvas, or video onto the canvas

Pixel Manipulation

Property Description
width Returns the width of an ImageData object
height Returns the stature of an ImageData object
data Returns an article that contains picture information of a predetermined ImageData object

Method Description
createImageData() Creates another, clear ImageData object
getImageData() Returns an ImageData object that duplicates the pixel information for the predefined square shape on a canvas
putImageData() Puts the picture information (from a predefined ImageData object) back onto the canvas


Property Description
globalAlpha Sets or returns the present alpha or straightforwardness estimation of the drawing
globalCompositeOperation Sets or returns how another picture are drawn onto a current image


Method Description
save() Saves the condition of the current context
restore() Returns recently spared way state and attributes