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<em>Emphasized text</em>
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Definition and Usage

<em> A tag is a phrase tag that is used to render highlighted text.

Tip: We do not object to the use of this tag, but if you use this tag just to achieve a certain visual effect, we recommend that you use CSS, which may achieve richer effects .

All phrase tags:

tag description
<em> Rendered as emphasized text.
<strong> Defines important text.
<dfn> Define a definition item.
<code> Defines computer code text.
<samp> Defines sample text.
<kbd> Defines keyboard text. It indicates that the text was typed from the keyboard. It is often used in computer-related documents or manuals.
<var> Define variables. You can compare this tag with <pre> and <code> Labels work together.

Browser Support

<em> Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Differences Between HTML 4.01 and HTML5