How to use Vlookup

V stands for vertical and used for look up specific function located in excels database.

column number - it is known as the Col_index_num - of the data you seek

function look for Lookup _value in the first column of the data table

VLOOKUP then locates and returns the information seek from another field of the same record using the supplied column number

It's most useful function Vlookup is a excel function we are already know how to sum ,average etc

It's database function

Here simple example vlookups excel-1

Usually lists like this have some sort of unique identifier for each item in the list

Vlookup function work on database,the list must have column be contain unique identifier KEY or ID

This is found first click formulas tab then click Insert Function vlookup formule-1

A box appear that allows us select any function


we could type a search term like “lookup" VLOOKUP is the second one in the list. Select it an click OK.


Function argument. box appear prompting us parameter. What unique identifier are you looking up in the database? Where is the database? Which piece of information from the database, associated with the unique identifier, do you wish to have retrieved for you?

The first three arguments are shown in bold, indicating that they are mandatory arguments (the VLOOKUP function is incomplete without them and will not return a valid value).