How to create a WordPress website

Creating a site on WordPress is simple. WordPress is designed so that even non-tech clients can likewise structure their very own sites easily and attractively.

Here, we'll examine every single step associated with making a WordPress site.

  • Selecting a right platform
  • Choosing a domain name and host
  • Choosing a theme/template
  • Creating new pages
  • Adding Content
  • Adding Media
  • Installing plugins

Selecting a right platform

First you need to choose a reasonable stage to manufacture your site with. Here stage implies it is possible that you need to make your site utilizing HTML, CSS or utilizing a CMS (Content Management Systems).

There are different various CMS in the market like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, DotNetNuke, etc.

Why choosing WordPress

For an beginner WordPress will be the best as it needn't bother with any specialized aptitudes and because of its adaptability it is appropriate for all kind of users.

You'll get a ton of choices to choose a topic as a wide scope of network configuration subjects for WordPress. It can deal with a site whether vast or little. Most realized sites like CNN, NASA, eBay use WordPress.

Above all, it gives you a responsive site which makes it good with little screen gadgets like cell phones and tablets.

Shared facilitating is best decision for tenderfoots. You can later redesign your site's facilitating as per the site's traffic.

Choosing a topic/template

After introducing WordPress, a site seems extremely plain. To make it progressively alluring, clients introduce best reasonable subjects for their site. It adds visuals and perspectives to the front page.

First of all, login to your WordPress site. Naturally, first screen will be your dashboard.

Accessing Free themes

After login, you'll get access for 150 free themes.

Wordpress How to create a wordpress site2

Look at the above snapshot, to look at the free themes, got the side bar menu of your dashboard, select Appearance >Themes.

Below screen will appear including all the installed themes.

Wordpress How to create a wordpress site3

Creating new pages

Wordpress How to make a wordpress site4

Look at the above preview, go the sidebar menu, click Pages > Add New option.

Adding Content

Wordpress How to make a wordpress site5

Adding new post

At the end we as a whole will result in these present circumstances point to make our site famous. We have to present various things on increment the notoriety of our site.

Wordpress How to make a wordpress site6

Clicking on Post > Add New alternative, the above page will show up on the screen.

There are two different ways to compose a post, it is possible that you may write in Visual manager or in Text proofreader (in HTML position). Presently this preview is of Text editor.

Adding Categories

You can isolate your substance in various classifications by adding classifications to them. This apparatus is convenient when you are distributing content for more than one field.

Wordpress How to make a wordpress site7

Click on Posts > Categories, you will be coordinated to the above page.

Here, in Name add a title to your new classification. In Slug, you can include a few words which will turn out to be a piece of URL while seeking.


Tags are especially like Categories with just a single distinction that each post has its very own arrangement of tags.

Enabling or Disabling Comment

Comment makes a discussion on certain posts or destinations. A few clients don't need their guests to remark. They can stop remark in WordPress.

Wordpress How to make a wordpress site8

To handicap a remark for a specific page

  • Go to Pages > Add New
  • Click on Screen Options on top right
  • Tick on Discussions box
  • Scroll down, untick Allow Comments option
  • To handicap a remark by default

    Wordpress How to make a wordpress site9
  • Go to Settings > Discussions
  • Untick "Enable individuals to post remarks on new articles"

Editing sidebar

Sidebar which for the most part shows up on the correct side (once in a while shows up on left) contains gadgets like Archives, Categories and Meta, etc.

To alter the side bar, go to Appearance > Widgets

Use drag n drop strategy to either utilize a gadget or evacuate a widget.

Adding Media

Wordpress How to make a wordpress site10

Every site needs some photographs and recordings to portray its substance and esteem. WordPress additionally give usefulness to include a media. You can include picture inscription, title and portrayal alongside media. Additionally include alt content causes internet searcher to distinguish the image.

Installing plugins

Plugins are the augmentations in the WordPress with certain bit of coding growing explicit capacity to you site. They are not assembled in.

There are right around 25,000 diverse modules choices to pick from.

Installation a module is extremely straightforward. Snap Plugins. You will see three choices, as appeared in the preview below.

Wordpress How to make a wordpress site11

Click on Plugins > Add New. Following screen will show up before you.

Wordpress How to make a wordpress site12

You can pick a module from the given alternatives. Simply click Install Now and you will probably utilize it.